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PREORDER - NEW cute dragon

PREORDER - NEW cute dragon
PREORDER - NEW cute dragon
PREORDER - NEW cute dragon
PREORDER - NEW cute dragon
  • Manufacturer  OlhaARTS
  • Availability:  In Stock
  • Product Code:  egg21

PREORDER. Making time: 1-3 weeks

PREORDER - NEW cute dragon PREORDER - NEW cute dragon PREORDER - NEW cute dragon PREORDER - NEW cute dragon

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Meet! Meet the arrival in this world of a super-duper cute dragon that will steal your heart! This little one is created to bring joy into your life. It's still a work in progress, photos taken before putting the little one in the egg. So in the finished form, it will be a transparent epoxy egg with this dragon baby inside. And today I am taking pre-orders for such an egg. The price on the website until the evening of May 12th is $90 instead of the standard price of $100, so hurry up to order the first copies at a 10% discount!

3D printed and handpainted dragon by my 3D model
Color "Dark Rainbow"

The set includes a small stand, but you can separately order any of my stands for dragon eggs, with or without LED (section DRAGON EGGS > STANDS https://www.olhaarts.shop/dragon-eggs/egg-stands/).

With the purchase, you will receive:

1. An egg with a baby dragon inside.
2. A box.
3. A Dragon's sertificate.
4. An eco-leather pouch (so you can carry the dragon egg in a backpack without fear of scratching it).
5. A handmade scroll of an ancient treatise on dragons.
6. A small egg stand (plus the blood stand optionally)

If you want to gift this dragon, just send me a text for a greeting card and I will gladly add it to the set.


• Egg: SLA resin dragon, epoxy resin egg. Dragon is painted with acrylic paints.

• Pouch: eco-leather, cord, plastic or wooden beads. I chose the color of the beads for each egg separately. So it can look slightly different from the picture in the listing. For example, red for red dragons, orange for lava dragons, etc.

• Stand: resin


• Egg: 5.5 x 5.5 x 8 cm (2.2 x 2.2 x 3.1 in)
Weight: 140 grams
• Stand diameter: 3 cm ( 1.2" )


Dear customers, unfortunately, many of my dragon photos and videos have been stolen by scammers who now offer to buy them at a low price (even here, on Etsy), pretending that this product belongs to them. Please don't believe these frauds. They will send you a cheap and ugly knockoff.

My original dragons can only be bought on Etsy, in my store https://www.etsy.com/shop/OlhaARTS, or on my website: https://www.OlhaARTS.shop


Dear customers, PLEASE NOTE!

  • The egg is non-collapsible! The dragon does NOT come out of the egg.
  • The product color on your monitor may differ slightly from the original.
  • Attention to EU buyers: VAT and or Customs Duty may apply to the order. The amount of customs duty will be assessed at the point of entry to the destination country. This may result in the buyer having to pay additional charges which are not included in the total price displayed at checkout.