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Dragon Eggs by OlhaARTS

I offer clear dragon eggs in two options:
  1. 100% handmade of polymer clay and epoxy resin. Each set includes an egg, an eco-leather pouch for the egg, a plywood box, a dragon passport with an NFC tag, a map with a nest location, and a piece of scroll of ancient treatise on dragons. And, optionally, a stand for an egg (on your choice).
  2. 3D printed dragons instead of polymer clay ones. I'm taking a new series of dragon eggs — the dragons are 3D printed instead of my usual polymer clay creations. I design them in Zbrush, print, and hand-paint each dragon. Each set includes an egg, a plywood box, a Dragon's certificate, an eco-leather pouch, a handmade scroll of an ancient treatise on dragons, and a small egg stand.

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